2013 MLB Offseason Preview: The Announcement

Welcome to the 2013 MLB Offseason Preview at the Addison and Clark Blues. Over the next few weeks I’ll be tackling all 30 MLB teams by taking an in-depth look at all aspects of the team. The purpose of this preview isn’t to highlight players or talk in detail about statistics, it’s about looking at a team from the view of the roster in general and figuring out where the team is headed in the coming years.

The rankings have been determined by four different criteria, based on the 2013, 2014, and 2015 MLB seasons.

1. How many times will the team get to the playoffs?

If I think a team has set itself up to make the playoffs every year, they are going to be ranked highly. This is the main deciding criteria when you look at the overall list. It was how I originally broke the teams into groups, so if you see a team that was one of the worst teams this year that is in the middle of the list, it’s safe to assume I think they’ll make the playoffs at least once.

2. Will the team simply make the playoffs, or are they a World Series contender?

If a team gets to the playoffs, are they just going to win a wild card game and maybe the next round, or are they legitimate pennant winners who can win it all? This also ends up speaking to how often the team can make the playoffs, but is an important distinction within each group of playoff contenders.

3. Do I trust the front office and owner?

Does the team’s owner get what is going on and understand the plan the general manager has in place? Will he get in the way? These things matter, a lot, and factor into a team’s future. If it’s obvious that a team has a plan in place in terms of how they are running the team and they are making smart decisions, I’m going to trust that front office more than I will another that seems to be making moves that don’t match the personnel they have on the field. If a team is pushing for the playoffs after winning 75 games, they don’t understand where they are and will suffer in the rankings accordingly.

4. What direction will a team be heading in after the 2015 season?

After the 2015 season is over, what direction is team heading in? Are they now chock full of veterans who are getting into their mid-30s, or are do they have players just about to enter their prime with the farm churning out some more players to feed the major league team. The direction of the franchise at the end of the time period matters, although probably the least of all of these things.

All of this criteria is decided upon based on a team’s current talent at the major league level, the talent in their farm system that will be able to make an impact within the specified time line, and the organization’s ability to add talent by either trades or free agency. Teams with money to spend, a good MLB roster, and a deep farm system will do very, very well.

There is no number or rank I put on each individual measure of team to create some sort of grand number that symbolizes where the team is overall. I simply asked myself based on the criteria, where I thought each team was and sorted them out subjectively.

With all of that being said, enjoy the rankings. I hope to put out one every week day, which is quite ambitious of me. I may eventually slow down to three a week, but hopefully most, if not all, will be done by the time the offseason is just kicking into gear.


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